Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A year aiming for a Zero Waste Lifestyle Part 4

If you have read parts 1 , 2 and 3 you can see how much we have improved our lives. I couldn't imagine at the beginning our lives would change so much in only 12 months.

At the beginning I thought it would take a while to find food unpackaged or at least not in plastic. I thought it would cost so much and we would end up quitting.

We haven't been ''perfect'', and it hasn't always been easy. There were a few times when we had some food that was in single use plastic. And yes I felt really guilty, but sometimes there isn't a choice :(. Being Gluten Intolerant, the food has to be in some sort of packaging so it doesn't get contaminated. Sadly most of the packaging is in plastic :(.

Trying to put the message across to family and friends about the plastic pollution hasn't been easy. Knowing what I know about it, I'm shocked at how people are just so desensitised when it comes to packaging :( I have lost count the amount of times someone as said to me (who knows I don't like to use single use plastic), ''Have I tried this or have I got this product''. And I say "No" and they say ''Why? I think you will like it'' and I look at the product, it's made from plastic and or its covered in Plastic and most of the time at least 3 types of packaging covering one little product!!!! Or Worse. " I know you don't like to purchase plastic, BUT give me the money and I will purchase it for you" ?!?!?!?!? Yep I have had that said to me a few times. I Don't think people understand it doesn't work like that.


I am not forcing anything on others. I want to put that out there. I'm sharing with people what I am doing and how I choose to live my life. I will just share with them why I'm not purchasing the items, and if they take any of that in and choose to take it on board then that's awesome.

If you continue purchasing, you are saying to the retailer that I like this, give me more.  If you stop, you're telling them that you no longer want more of this, and they'll need to change to keep your custom.  Remember that you do have the power to make a change.  Be the change that you want to see.

Looking back on my post 'My views on Zero Waste lifestyle' (post HERE) my views haven't really changed. I still believe the term ''Zero Waste'' is a goal to aim for. I believe you can't go completely zero waste unless you go completely off grid. But we can all do something to aim towards it.

I'm really happy and quite proud of both of us, with doing the best we can with the "R's"

We have both tried our best to eliminate as much as we can to reduce what we send to landfill by refusing, reusing and upcycling as much as we possibly can.

We are not perfect, there are quite a few things we can improve on. We are still learning. It would be a lot easier if we had the option of shopping at a bulk store. And if I wasn't Gluten Intolerant.

We are doing our best to be part of the solution, not the problem.

We all vote and can make a huge difference with our choices.

This year we hope to improve and consume even less plastic, and simplify / minimalise our lives even more. Last year was just the start.

I will still share my/our journey here on my little space on the internet. I hope to inspire and motivate anyone to live a more sustainable, eco friendly lifestyle.

We can all make a difference. It doesn't have to be zero waste, but just reducing your waste is great way to start.

Till next time

Live Green

Donna x

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Monday, 20 February 2017

A year aiming for a Zero Waste Lifestyle Part 3 ~ Upcycling

This has been and still is my favourite part of our journey and 'new' lifestyle. I'm in craft heaven :)  During the past year of decluttering and organising EVERYTHING, a few of the items we already owned that would have been sent to Landfill or Recycled ~ I could reuse and upcycle. I know you might be thinking aren't you trying to simplify and minimalise your life? Yes, yes we are. But we will still have stuff, and the stuff that is left needs to be organised and looked after. I realised quite early on, I didn't need to purchase new things to do this. 

Before our Journey started I used to purchase Tic Tacs. Now obviously I no longer do because they are packaged in plastic.

I use the case to organise my ribbons in my craft stash

And to hold my hair clips.

Upcycling Glass Jars has been a lot of fun ~ Please see my blog post HERE for more ideas.

Old Shirts I made produce bags. Blog post coming soon

Draw organisers ~ See blog post HERE

These are so handy at keeping everything in order.

I've even used a plastic tub that had chocolate in, to store and organise my pens and pencils.

We had so many Crisps to go through (you can see some in part 1 pictures of the kitchen cupboards), then found out they can't be recycled!

We made Napkin holders and I'm framing a mirror with them. Blog post coming soon.

I found in my craft supply I had a box of ice lolly sticks (us crafters keep everything!). I made some Plant / Herb pot holders for my herbs ~ blog post coming soon

I've had so much fun trying to upcycle as much as I can. I'm still decorating used glass jars, for my plants. I'm waiting for few to dry as I type this :). I might do a separate post showing all the Jars, when I have finished.

Aiming for a zero waste lifestyle has really increased my love of crafting. I know some of you might be thinking that Yes, some of this stuff can be Recycled. But we need to remember that Recycling should always be considered as the last resort. Yes, Recycling uses less energy/waste than New but Reuse/Repurpose uses a lot less energy/waste than Recycling.  The best options are always to mend and upcycle.  Plus saving anything from going to Landfill is a must.

If you need anything for your home, first think do you really need it? Then always look around and see what you can upcycle. You will be surprised at what you can do.  

See you in part 4

Donna x 

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Saturday, 11 February 2017

A year aiming for a Zero Waste Lifestyle Part 2 ~ Reusables & Trash

For Part 1 please click HERE :)

A few months into this lifestyle, paying closer attention to the amount of trash we were both producing and along with all the research we both have been doing about Trash (Landfills, Chemicals, Plastic). I started researching into Reusable and less waste products. 

After switching to these products, I wish I had done it sooner. It feels great knowing that I'm not contributing to more landfill and taking responsibility for my waste and knowing that it is a full cycle is awesome.

I mentioned in my 'What we have improved so far' post HERE what we did send to landfill and how long it took us to fill up our bin for landfill and how long it took for us to fill our recycling bag.

Here is our 2016 total Trash Jar Contents

Thanks to being unwell for the last 4 months of 2016, you can see I went through quite a few packets of Paracetamol.
There should also be 3 toothbrush heads in there but they went in the bin. I didn't want them left in the jar.
The contents of this jar has now gone to landfill.

I'm happy to report, the longest it has taken to fill our bin for landfill is so far 4 months. 

and our Recycling: 2 months

Most of the time our recycling is due to what we pick up from outside.

We did and will still produce some waste not everything will go in our Trash Jar:

  • Dust from the Vacuum Cleaner: We can never find an answer whether it is suitable for the compost bin because we have synthetic carpet :(.

  • Dental Floss: Still going through what I had. But I have noticed with using my homemade toothpaste, I don't need to floss as much. Or I'm getting more mindful and cleaning better. I will go with the latter.

  • Birth Control:  (FYI from Trash Is For Tossers website: but aren't condoms trash? Yes. They are. But I have talked about this before. While condoms produce garbage, they are a much better option that having unprotected sex and risking getting an STD or having an unplanned pregnancy which will result in bigger issues than just trash. )

  • Kitchen Roll: We still have a lot to use up and we can't get ourselves to use hankies. Not yet anyway.

  • Tea Bags: Not the tea, just the bags. The Tea goes in the Compost bin. I only drink Decaf Green Tea. I can't seem to find Loose Leaf anywhere :( Plus we still have a lot of Tea to use up (one of the perks of bulk buying).

  • Toothbrushes: Once we have used up what we have we will look into Bamboo brushes.

We are trying to purchase as many items as we can that can be reused or composted.

To make a huge difference in what we send to landfill, we have purchased a few reusables, and have improved a lot of items we use.
I have included an affiliate link of the products I purchased from Amazon.

  • A Safety Razor

I have been using this for six months now and at the start I did have little problems with it. Yes, I did cut myself a few times. But I realised I had to be more mindful in what I was doing, and I have to make sure I keep it clean and dry so it lasts. Which isn't a problem.

  • Cotton buds ~ apart from the little bit of plastic in the packaging. These cotton buds can be composted.

  • Bar of Soap.

We swapped to bar soaps pretty much straight a way. We were lucky that I had a tin full of soaps from Lush. We both prefer the bar of soaps to the liquid soap. I've noticed the liquid soap makes my hands dryer and I have to use hand cream :/

  • Sanitary products:

At first I was like Nope, I don't think I could do this. But after a lot of research and living this lifestyle and knowing more about Chemicals and Trash, I decided to give them a go. And again with like everything else, I wished I had used them sooner.

They are so much more comfortable, they don't smell and they are very easy to clean. I don't know why I was so against them before.

  • We both still use our Stainless Steel reusable water bottles. (I have purchased the 1100ml bottle the link is for a 750ml)

Haven't had any problems with them. We have even purchased a few as gifts for other people.

We have also purchased Reusable Glass Straws

These are great, very easy to clean. I purchased a set with a little cleaning brush.

Along with what I have mentioned in my 'What we have improved so far' HERE Other items we purchase now have less or zero packaging . Which helps a lot.

I have just recently started using Shampoo Bars and Natural Deodorants. So far they are good. So I will give my opinion in a future post.  I have been researching other companies and I think I have found some good ones. I will share what I find in a future post.

Shampoo Bar and Deodorant

This year, we hope to finally get stainless steel lunch boxes/containers, instead of using the plastic (take away) containers we are still using atm. We have noticed a huge decrease in that cupboard (I hope we aren't the only ones that have a cupboard full of plastic containers ;) ).

I love simplifying our products and minimalising our waste. Some of you might be thinking how is it easier using these reusable products. I personally love that they have slowed me down. I am in the moment. I'm taking care and choosing what I put on and in my body. The less chemicals the better.
Paying attention to what I'm actually doing and being in the present moment is AWESOME. It is easier because I haven't got the added stress of purchasing these items all the time. And knowing I'm not adding more waste to landfill is awesome. 

In Part 3 I'm going to share what we have been upcycling.
See you there :)

Donna x

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